creative and artistic team building activity

Think Art Learn colour theory, contrast and artistic style


  • 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours
  • Indoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 4
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Learn colour theory, contrast, artistic style and colour profiling then create a 3D artwork
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Program outline

Teams are given a 3D object, which will be their canvas as well as black and white and primary coloured paints. They explore basic information about contrast, artistic style and colour theory. They learn about the relationship between colour and our emotions and feelings. Teams decide on a customer profile and then determine how they will represent it in colour. They decide on a relevant artistic style, draw a sketch plan and then paint their artwork. Once complete, participants walk around the artworks discussing the characteristics of the profiled client.

Learning and development outcomes

In Think Art participants learn about the relationship between colour and emotions.They address customer profiling in a light-hearted and discussion evoking manner.Creativity is unleashed as they represent a customer profile in art. For teams to be successful, individuals must listen to each other, be respectful of differing opinions and reach a common consensus within a limited time frame.

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