9 February 2015

Dutch company Windshift have joined the Catalyst Global team building network.

Established over 13 years ago, Windshift became synonymous in Holland with beach related events like kiting, beach archery and sand yachting. They have long been a popular and well-known for their unique active solutions for staff away days and team building events. 

Due in part to the growing demands of their large regular client base and a growth in the event and conference market in the Netherlands, Windshift, with diversification in mind, signed a license to deliver world renown Catalyst Global team building products to Holland.

In a recent interview, company founder Alex ten Klein said about their decision to join the Catalyst Global network,

“As a company and on a personal level I wanted to expand into more diverse team building activities. I see a huge potential in our market.  The Catalyst Global portfolio of products are a perfect way of realizing further growth in our traditional market, beach events but, moreover, they will give us an edge into the ever growing conference and event market.  Its an exciting move for Windshift."

It's exciting news for us here at Catalyst Global too.  With the addition of Windshift, Catalyst Global is now represented by 31 partners in 71 countries. In 2014, 1725 Catalyst Global programs were run with 145,337 participants, making it the largest global team building network. Windshift with is extensive knowledge of the outdoor away day market brings another level of unique expertise to the Catalyst Global network.

To find out how Windshift can tailor a solution for your next conference, event or staff team building day visit their website at www.windshift.nl.