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5 January 2012

Following the amazing success of Orchestrate, we’ve developed another classical music team building activity perfect for busy conference schedules: Crescendo!
Our Crescendo program can turn your team into a performing string ensemble in under an hour. It really can be done.

Under the guidance of two expert tutors, your team is introduced to violins and violas, and taught to play a unique composition we commissioned specifically for this team building program. Even if your team has no familiarity with musical instruments, at the end of an hour they will come together (with the help of a backing track) to make beautiful music. Guaranteed!

Where did we come up with this idea?

We launched our first ground-breaking classical music team building activity, called ‘Orchestrate,’ back in 2006. Since then many blue chip clients have risen to the challenge. It's been an amazing success for us worldwide and is always a client favorite.

As the years passed, we recognised that there are many clients who want to experience a classical music activity, but who didn’t have the time and budget to include Orchestrate in their schedule. For that reason, we developed Crescendo. Crescendo presents a budget-friendly alternative that can easily be slotted into a busy conference schedule. And it all takes place in a single room, so there’s no need to deal with breakout areas.

Catalyst Global Director Mark Davenport explains how Crescendo came to be

Catalyst now offer two incredible classical music team building events with quality instruments and guaranteed results. Click below to find out more about these delightful and unique team building activities:

Crescendo Orchestrate!