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Universum Events is the exclusive Catalyst Teambuiding partner for Romania. Their strategic position also means they can organise teambuilding activities in Moldova and Serbia.

With the strong background of its founding members who have more than 10 years experience in large scale event management, Universum is a company built around the concept of "event architecture".

We base our work on a fantastic mix of great people and brilliant ideas. Our projects bring together experts from various fields, ranging from inspirational trainers, creative communicators, outstanding facilitators, visual artists, designers, musicians, digital pioneers, magicians, you name it - we have it all!

We always design our teambuilding activities with your business objectives in mind and ensure there is a red line that connects the context, the people and the final outcome. We deliver a complete experience, where fun, learning, adrenaline and lots of energy combine in a memorable blend.

You will be amazed with our unparalleled focus on your needs as our client, our creative minds and our endless energy in making things happen. Give us 5% benefit of the doubt that we can do it, and we will surprise you with a creative yet budget friendly concept for your company’s needs.

Feel free to reach out to us and ask for ideas and inspiration for your next teambuilding activity and other events at contact@universum.ro