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Catalyst Teambuilding programs in the United States are created and hosted by our well connected partners at Play with a Purpose.

Play with a Purpose creates and hosts Catalyst Teambuilding events throughout the United States. From Disney to the Golden Gate Bridge, from the Superdome to the Statue of Liberty, their extensive portfolio of events is customised to fit your destination.

Which would YOU rather be known for?

  1. Ho-hum business functions
  2. Run-of-the-mill meetings and promotions
  3. All-out interactive events that involve your target audience and drum up excitement and engagement your participants will long remember

Psst...The answer is “c”…and Play with a Purpose can help you win this enviable reputation! 

"Creating Shared Experiences" - Community, Learning, Belonging, Motivation

You host meetings that are designed to change your world.  Attendees come – whether voluntarily or forced to do so – to learn, to connect, to share and to be inspired. 

Play with a Purpose designs events to help you achieve these goals.  We design based on your culture, objectives, logistics and wants – which makes every program unique.

Owned by Sharon Fisher, her quote summarises their business style: “In a world full of copies, here’s to the ORIGINALS!”

Their services include:

  • Teambuilding Events
  • Networking & Icebreakers
  • Community Service Events
  • Experiential Learning & Interactive Content Development
  • Gamification
  • Opening Session Engagers
  • TradeShow Energisers
  • Promotions & Product Launches
  • Digital hunts & Games
  • Experience Excursions
  • Speaking
  • Creative Consulting and IdeaLeaping Sessions

Play with a Purpose was created in 1992, and for over 20 years has been delivering first class events.  Their very first client was the Disney Event Group, and since then they have partnered with Disney to create hundreds of experiential events.  We are THE company they call when they need a high level custom teambuilding program personalised for a special client.

In addition to being the preferred vendor for Walt Disney World Co., their clients include Chevrolet, Camp Jeep, BBDO, Disney Publishing, McKesson, Cadbury Schweppes, CUNA Mutual, American Express, GSK, Frito Lay, CarMax, US Air Force, IBM, McDonalds and the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission. 

Our promise to you:

  • We promise to work hard to make your job fun and easy. We want you to be a Superhero!
  • We promise we will transform event attendees into hands-on, interactive participants.
  • We promise to be obsessed with creating innovative, new, relevant and meaningful events to engage your guests.
  • We promise to only offer the best services and products in the industry.
  • We promise to learn as much as possible as we can about you and your industry, in order to create remarkable events that connect with your attendees in a way that is rewarding for them.
  • We promise to be transparent in our proposals and pricing.  No surprises!
  • We promise to do the right thing - for you, our partners and our community.
  • We promise to anticipate your needs, and to be here when you need us - and even when you don’t.

Whatever your requirements, we deliver impactful, hands-on, play-inspired experiences that will have your brand and your key messages on the lips and minds of your guests.